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Modifier Teknoloji Tekstil Tasarım Ürünleri

In 2006, he specialized in industrial and domestic water purification systems in the water treatment sector, continues to serve in the clothing accessories and lighting sector with its specialized staff in many different branches such as textile pattern design and web design. It has been operating in the field of e-commerce since 2014 and aims to increase its product number and product range day by day. Our biggest goal is to gather the best quality brands and products under one roof, to meet you, our valued customers, and to experience a perfect beyond shopping experience. In this sense, we act selectively in product and brand selection. We aim to reach the highest levels in the market by maximizing our e-commerce experience. It continues its way by adopting the principle of enhancing this shopping experience by serving with virtual stores in various marketplaces.


Providing our customers with quality and brand products sensitive to human and environment that will facilitate human life by following the technology closely, to provide a memorable shopping experience.


We will stand by you as the original and changing power that will bring you further from your current vision in the field of Technology and the power that brings our customers together with the latest Technologies and add value to your current situation.


Laying the foundations of happy tomorrow with researcher, participant, sharing, original and aesthetic ideas.

Quality policy

Our biggest goal is to meet customer expectations at the highest level by determining customer needs in our product and service offerings and to provide a perfect shopping experience.

We aim to provide customer satisfaction at the highest level through effective communication. We do not hesitate to make every effort to provide the highest quality products to our customers with the awareness that quality is the answer to customer requests. It is our basic principle to meet all possible requirements for human health, work safety and environmental awareness in all fields of activity we serve.


Tax Number: 2430470617

Mersis No: 4274570023400019

City: Istanbul

Contact information

İdris Alan

Tel: 0537 367 78 56


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