Delivery Information

Delivery Conditions

Your orders, the time to ship your products after payment confirmation, is 3 working days for the products in stock after the order confirmation e-mail is sent. For products that are not in stock, it is 7-15 days. If any payment is made by the buyer by informing the buyer in any order over 15 days, the order will be refunded and the order will be canceled. Unless there is a special request, the products you have purchased are sent to your address with the contracted cargo company. If you do not have a shipping agent in your location, you should take your product from the nearest branch you request delivery when you purchase the product. We recommend that you check the accuracy of your information at the time of ordering.

Delivery is not done on weekends and feast days. (weekends, religious holidays, public holidays)

Delivery abroad is not currently available.

Shipping Prices

Unless otherwise specified, products up to 200 Dec are sent with free shipping. For orders of 200 desi and above, the shipping price determined by mutual agreement with the buyer at the order stage will be added to the product price. After the buyer completes the order, he accepts the Shipping charges in the Transport Service Agreement with the courier company.

How to Receive a Cargo Package?

Before taking your product from the representative of the cargo company, it should be taken after checking whether there are any defects and damage in the product packaging, products and accessories. If there is any defect or damage in the product or product accessories after the product is received, if you convey the problem from our contact information, your problem will be resolved immediately. After the product reaches us with your minutes, your exchange will be done.

Exchange and return conditions

If you want to change or return the product you have received, you can first request a change or return by creating a product change or return request from our Customer Service / Product Return page. After creating the request, your request for change or return will be evaluated immediately and your request will be met. If you want to cancel your order before it is shipped after placing an order, your order will be canceled immediately if you submit your request through the Customer Service contact phone. If you want help, you can request support by sending a message from our contact page.